Your connection was interrupted: How To Fix

Once I was getting an error message your connection was interrupted, A network change was detected, ERR_Network_Changed, in my chrome browser. I was not able to access internet because of this error and could not complete my work.

This article will suggest you on how to resolve this issue with your browsers, like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox,IE, Opera or any other browsers.

A cause of your connection was interrupted error?

  • Most of the time it could be with the system you are working with.
  • We have to check some of the LAN settings.
  • We can reset the NIC settings.
  • DNS could be the issue and we can flush DNS.
  • Most of the time there are issue from our router end.
  • It could be power issue.
  • Router might have technical difficulties.
  • There could be speed issues on the Internet.
  • Check the Internet issues by directly connecting the internet accessible device to hub.
  • If Internet is accessible at the hub level, then issue could be with the system itself.

Resolve your connection was interrupted issue:

Router issues should be address and rectified with the vendor of the router or the support technician. In this article we are going to see how to resolve your connection was interrupted error at the system level.

Check DNS settings

First things first, and check the ipconfig and DNS settings of the system.

To check the IPConfig, Go to Run=> type cmd and press enter key on your keyboard.

On the command prompt, type ipconfig /all as show in below print screen.

Once it is rectified that issue is not with the DNS settings, we can flush the DNS cache by using below command.

Open the Command prompt with Administrator rights. And run the IPconfig /flushdns command and press, Enter key on the keyboard.

IPconfig /flushdns

Winsock Reset

DNS  doesn’t resolve your connection was interrupted issue? Try out with resetting winsock.

What is Winsock and why to reset it?

Winsock is a Windows network software which access TCP/IP and sometimes Windsock.dll gets corrupted and as a result of this, your Internet connection does not work correctly. 

And hence we are going to reset the Winsock.

To reset Winsock of you computer, please open the command prompt with Administrator priviliges.

And run the below command

netsh winsock reset

You need to restart the computer once this process is finished.

Reset TCP/IP settings

Resetting TCP/IP settings can resolve this issue many of the times. and to do so follow the below command.

netsh int ip reset

Browser Extension could be the cause

Most of the time, peoples use some of the VPN’s to connect to the internet to hide identity.

These extensions manage your proxy settings and it does not connect to its server properly. You can check this extension from the Advance settings of your Chrome browser.

And try to disable and re-enable it.

Check Your LAN Settings

One of the reason to get Your connection was interrupted error is bad configuration of your LAN settings.

And you could check this possibility from the Internet Options of the browser. Below is the print screen to refer and check for your LAN settings.


Hope the above methods will help you resolve the issue and you would be able to access the Internet with no issues. Do comment if this article helps.