XvideoStudio Video Editor APK Free

Today, when photo and video sharing platforms are being used on a wide scale. Millions of people are uploading videos on the internet and it seems to be an endless stream as the number of videos only increases. Many people use premium PC software to edit their videos. But the majority of people cannot afford them and are still looking for a video editor to enhance their videos.
So there is a huge demand for video editing tools that are free and does the basic work. There are thousands of free video editing tools available on the internet but it is difficult to find an editor that is not only free but also provides some decent features.
But look no more! Because in this blog we have discussed the XvideoStudio Video Editor APK that is not only free but also gives you basic and advanced features.

What is XvideoStudio Video Editor?

XvideoStudio Video Editor is an Android video editor. It is not very popular but provides some of the best free features. This editor is around for a while but it is not that popular.

How to Download the XvideoStudio Video Editor APK for Free?

Follow these steps to download the XvideoStudio Video Editor:
• Click on this Download link and download the XvideoStudio video editor file.
• Once the file is downloaded, go to your device Settings and select the Security option. From there, allow the Unknown Sources option.
• After that, click on the downloaded file and install it on your Android device.
• In the end, open the application and enjoy!

Features of XvideoStudio Video Editor

The XvideoStudio Video Editor comes with various useful features. So these are some of them:

Export in Any Format

As a video editor, the biggest issue that a person faces is the format of the video. Many video editors don’t have the option to export videos in multiple formats. But XvideoStudio Video Editor is not like that. With the help of this editor, you can easily export videos in different formats like MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV and many more.

Zero Ads

The most annoying thing about an application is ads. When you are using free apps, most of the time you will see ads. But this editor has no ads. You will see no annoying popup or any other kind of advertisement.

No Watermark

When you use free video editors, you always get a watermark on your video. Which completely ruins your video. XvideoStudio Video Editor has no watermarks and you can easily export your videos without any watermarks on it.

Variety of Effect

Unlike most free video editors, XvideoStudio Video Editor has many effects and filters. You can use these effects to enhance your video quality.

Use Sound Tracks

Soundtracks are a major part of today’s video editing process. XvideoStudio editor provides you with a song library with many songs. You can use these soundtracks in your videos.

HD Quality

When we edit a video the main motive is to get the best quality. Many free editors fail to give such quality. But XvideoStudio Video Editor is not kike that. It saves your edited video and allows you to export it in High-Definition quality.

Attractive User Interface

When you are spending time on the software you must get comfortable with it. Many applications fail to provide this facility and hence causing problems. XvideoStudio Video Editor had a minimalistic user interface. It is basic yet attractive. You can navigate options easily and there is no extra fluff in the editor.


Video editors are important when you are a content creator or just a person posting videos online. In this blog, we have discussed a video editor for Android that is completely free and provides the best features. We have discussed the features and given the download link of the XvideoStudio Video Editor.