What is COM Surrogate Is It a Virus? Why Is It Running on My PC?

What is COM Surrogate: If you have the habit of moving through the Task Manager on your Windows device, you would have noticed a process labeled – COM Surrogate. Yet another condition where you would witness it is when your operating system crashes and gives an error that states COM Surrogate has stopped working. What is COM surrogate, and why does it crash? Let us try answering that question.

What is COM Surrogate?

COM stands for Component Object Model. It was launched back in 1993 and helped developers to create COM objects that in turn, would be helpful in a programming language. COM objects ideally work with other applications and introduce extensions into the application.

A good example would be when the file manager uses a COM object to show images and thumbnails. However, the COM surrogate has another issue. When the COM surrogate crashes, it will take down the host process with it.

What Is COM Surrogate a Windows 10 Virus?

No. COM Surrogate is a process and not a virus. It is a legitimate Windows 10 process and assists your applications from running properly enough. It is actually referred to as a DLL Host. That should clearly tell you that the COM Surrogate process actually handles the hosting of DLL files.

However, there have been instances where it has been found that a lot of virus infections have masked themselves as legitimate Windows components. It may be possible that a virus may be masquerading as COM surrogate.

The best way you would be able to check it would be through the Task Manager on your Windows 10 system. You should ideally find two instances of COM Surrogate on your Task Manager. When you find an instance of COM surrogate, right-click on it, and click on an open file location. This should guide you to the actual location. A genuine COM surrogate process should guide to its location in the system32 folder on your Windows directory. If you find your COM surrogate process guides you to any other directory, it may be necessary to run a virus scan immediately.

Some other reasons or symptoms that can indicate a possibility of a COM surrogate process being a virus can include

COM surrogate high CPU usage
COM surrogate keeps crashing quite frequently.
A repeated message indicating COM surrogate has stopped working.

In those situations, it would be quite essential to run your anti-virus scan to do away the possibility of a virus attack.

The COM Surrogate has stopped working may or may not be a virus issue. You can restart the service that uses the COM surrogate function concerned. This should ideally resolve the issue.

Ideally speaking, there is nothing you need to worry about as long as the COM surrogate process is concerned. It will not consume quite less memory. In case you find there are more processes that use more than 1 or 2 percent of your memory, it may a bad signal. Otherwise, the COM surrogate should not ideally be an issue in any way.