Will I Get Banned For Using VPN In PUBG Mobile? – 4 Essential Points

Will I Get Banned For Using VPN In PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile, along with 11 other Chinese applications, is banned throughout India; however, it can be played from a VPN. However, there is a high probability that this country’s government will impose different general prohibitions of the game. This means that PUBG Mobile may not work even if used from the different VPNs in the Asian market and continent.

Is it Safe to Play Pubg With Vpn?

PUBG Mobile is banned in India, and this ban comes a few months after the government banned more than 50 Chinese applications. These included Tik Tok; however, PUBG Mobile is currently available on Google Play and the Apple Store. This app store availability may be very short since, once the ban is implemented, this game will be withdrawn.So here you may know that is it safe to use VPN In PUBG Mobile.

Those players and lovers of the game who have downloaded it will not play it anymore after the ban takes effect. Many users across the various digital platforms asked questions related to the legality behind a VPN’s use. The moderator of PUBG Mobile’s official discord servers indicated a response that the use of VPN is not recommended at all.

The same moderator indicated to all users who love this video game that they lacked some public information. On the other hand, according to the answers to the golden question, they were related because a VPN did not violate the TOS. However, they continued to recommend that, for security reasons, no type of VPN be implemented to play this video game.

This insistence not to use VPN to play PUBG was linked to the fact that it was not secure and could trigger the use of a total ban on third-party applications. Many users through forums and blogs stated that they were completely banned from the game for using it from a VPN. It is not safe for players to play PUBG from a VPN as they may violate certain laws and instructions.

– PUBG: the futuristic game that promises a lot

Here is some reason of Banning VPN In PUBG Mobile. Since its launch during the year, PUBG has had a good reception among different users worldwide. This game has many potentials, bringing you a post-apocalyptic world where guns and grenades are superfluous. With this game, you can remember your battles in classics like CS: Go, Call of Duty, among other war games.

PUBG has become the futuristic game that promises a lot by giving you a field with at least 100 users ready to battle. You may feel encouraged just thinking that you will be facing many players on a small field. The essence of this battle is for you to show your skills as a gamer and be the last man standing.

Many things encourage you to learn about and use PUBG with a VPN to avoid the restrictions they have in some regions. Some countries have censored this game due to its level of violence, but perhaps things change. The game is only a few months old; it is updated and attracts more fans every time.

– Reasons why you should use PUBG with a VPN

The reasons why you should use the PUBG video game with a VPN are to avoid some restrictions in your country. This game has generated a lot of criticism for its level of violence, so it has blocks in India. To get rid of these blocks, you only have to access the game in conjunction with a VPN by hiring.

Another reason you should have access to PUBG with a VPN is to increase your connection security. You must be paranoid in your connection to these online games and always think about personal data leakage.

The VPN will not influence your level of experience with PUBG as it runs for network stability and not speed. You have to hire a quality VPN, turn it on and start the game on your mobile.

Which Country VPN Is Best For PUBG Crate Opening?

PUBG Mobile has a wide variety of different versions available in all parts of the world that the different active companies publish. Of all the PUBG Mobile versions available globally (TW, Global version, KRJP, VN, Indian version, and peace game), there is only one recommended. People best know the Korean version of PUBG since it provides the best rewards to all players.

It doesn’t matter if it’s unlocking boxes or getting all the different daily benefits; this Korean version is the best in every way. It provides great rewards in gear, weapons, the rarest, wackiest, and most legendary skins collected. The other VPN versions are also very good and offer all players rewards that can bring many surprises.

In Which Country PUBG Is A Ban?

This video game has been controversial, and is that in recent months they are increasingly censored by the different governments of the countries. In India, more than 10 college students have been arrested for playing PUBG. On the other hand, Nepal joins the list of countries that have prohibited this video game’s total use from the country’s different mobile phone operators.

Jordan is another country that has joined the complete ban on PUBG and other countries in the Middle East. The list of countries is increasing every day and, so far, they go Iraq, India, China, and Nepal. Now, all the lovers of this video game in Jordan have to look for another hobby.

What To Do If VPN Is Banned?

Although using a VPN does not violate the service agreement terms (TOS), it can cause the third-party app to be banned. If the different VPNs currently on the market are prohibited from playing PUBG, players should look for other options.Here is some tips for using VPN In PUBG Mobile.

Many VPNs have begun to ban all their users for the use of these servers that are prohibited. Avoid entering with VPNs that are prohibited and trying to enter with servers abroad.


PUBG Mobile is one of the online battle video games that can be played in multiplayer mode from any device. However, in many countries, this video game is prohibited, and players do not access it.

For a long time, this video game can already be played from any VPN In PUBG Mobile since, in many countries, it does not violate security regulations. But these VPNs must be used with extreme care because players can be banned for up to 10 years.