Top 7 Best NES Emulators for Games in 2021

With the growing technology, we now have some of the best games, and we have too many options to play and even if you are feeling to play those old 90s games like Mario which had to give us by Nintendo then don’t worry because you can still play these games with Nintendo NES emulators.

These emulators are designed in that way that you would feel like you’re playing 80s or 90s games, and that’s what I like about them. If you’re searching for best NES emulators, then don’t worry because we have shortlisted some of the best NES emulators for windows.

I still remember playing Mario for the first time and I continued to playing it until my fingers got frozen and I think everyone who has lived in the 90s would say that those days were the most beautiful days of their life because that was the time when we were introduced the gaming world,

and I think the scarcity of high-end technology even made it more likable. I’ve still got some of those video games which I used to play with my cousins and friends and whenever I see them I feel nostalgic and I everyone who has ever played Super Mario or contra would feel the same, right?

The history of Nintendo Entertainment System begins over 15 years ago. Since 1997 is programmed to him, and the last version is from the year 2017. This makes it but not equally bad – because it works flawlessly on today’s computers.

Thanks to the many possible options where can customize each setting, and together with a controller, provides the optimum almost NES experience. With the difference that the colors appear vibrant.

Together with HQ filtering provides even Mario again from really good. I still remember those old childhood days when I use to play this game the whole day without any interruptions, and I really miss them. Recently I saw these emulators which can be brought back those memories from past and these all emulators are worth it totally.

Since now everyone uses PC and if you’re also using Windows PC, then you can still play NES games on it by using some of the following best NES emulators. We hope that you will like this list and we have briefly mentioned the features of following best NES emulators for PC which think are best ones in the market.

List of Best NES Emulators for PC

We have written a summary of every best NES emulator which is available for PC users, and we have tried our best to review them in a very short and precise way. So we hope that you would like this articulated list of NES emulators and don’t forget to download them too to play your childhood video games.



I still remember when the first time I was setting up the first emulator I faced lots of problems because I did not understand the complicated procedure of setting and using these emulators, but then I downloaded jNES emulator and believed me if you’re a person who doesn’t bother too much about the features and just wants to play NES games then this emulator is only one for you. jNEs is probably one of the best NES emulators which require not so much effort to install and handle and anyone who wants to play games on it but only with little features. jNes is available to download for free, and you can get that from their official site here.


When it comes to best NES emulators, one should go for the most reliable emulator, and I think nintendulator is one of them. If you’re having a Windows 10 running on your PC, then this emulator is best to play NES games because it somehow gives you the experience of playing old games. It is written in C++, and that’s why it succeeds to provide its user the best knowledge and no doubt it is a must have NES emulator for windows 10.


It would be foolish of us not to include retroarch when we are creating the best NES emulators list because retroarch is one of the most popular emulators right now in the market which every Nintendo game lover has once in his lifetime has used or heard about it. There are many things which makes Retroarch best emulator, and one of them is that it gives the full range of features to its user like giving best graphics experience without so much lagging and I think these two things are the most important ones when we are playing games using emulators. But if you want to use this emulator in your PC, then you should first read about on how to set it up correctly because setting up RetroArch is relatively a little bit difficult.

Nestopia UE

If you are not comfortable setting up the RetroArch emulator and want something simple to use, then the Nestopia UE emulator is best for you. The Nestopia UE is the NES Emulator for Windows which is based on the RetroArch Core. This software program comes with all of the features of the RetroArch and has a simple user interface, which makes setting up and playing games on this more comfortable than ever.


One of the tricky things about these emulators is that there are very few which allows you to give customization option and FCEUX is one of those NES emulators so if you want to use joystick you can even use that while playing with this emulator. FCEUX is not that much hard to use, and it is programmed in that way which satisfies user’s basic needs because there are various tools which are given with it like debugging, screen recording, etc. and you won’t find these kind features in any other windows 10 NES emulators. If you’re a real gamer and want to have more significant experience in graphic, I think you should go for FCEUX.


The  Nesbox is a new generation NES emulator for computer users. The best thing about the Nesbox is that you can play the NES games on the official website and you can also download the emulator program on your computer to play games offline. In my opinion, both of the options are very useful as there are many people who find using browsers more productive than installing a standalone program.

The nesbox is pretty simple to use as there are no complicated options to set up and play the games. Also, the games that you’ll play on this emulator will retain the original graphics and sound quality.


There are some NES emulators for PC which are still in the market but the developers of those emulators have now stopped working but they still work fine for most of their users and virtuaNES is one of those NES emulators for pc. One of the best things about virtuaNES is that it has lots of highly customizable features, which makes it one of the best NES emulators. You can use the gamepad and even play games with a joystick if you want a better experience. I have played many games in full-screen mode, and there was no lagging problem with it so for those persons who would like to easy way this is a must one NES emulator for Windows 10 PC.

Final Words

So these are some of the best NES emulators for PC which you can use in 2021 and can be used by those who want to enjoy those old Nintendo games. When you are feeling nostalgic, you will do those things which will make you more cherish those memories and I think with these Nintendo Entertainment System emulator every person had some great time playing video games in their childhood will again relive it by playing games with the help of NES emulators. We hope that you liked this list best NES emulators for PC and didn’t forget to share it with your friends who might want to again play with you those old precious games.