The Uber clone app offers affordable ride-hailing service – 13 features

Uber is one of the biggest taxi-booking companies in the world. Affordable trips are offered to the users to any destination. With a strong presence in more than 10000 cities, Uber has revolutionized the global transportation industry.

The latest news related to Uber

  • Uber’s CEO Dara Khosrowshahi recently revealed that the company may accept Bitcoin as a means of payment by the users. It would be done due to the huge demand for cryptocurrencies and the benefits that it offers to customers.
  • Uber is planning to incorporate machine learning technology into its business operations in 2021. It will be used to sort out customer issues, marketplace forecasting, ensuring a high level of user safety, mask detection, fraud detection to prevent incidents of swindling of finances, and automating various tasks.
  • Uber is all set to buy Drizly, an online alcohol delivery company for $1.1 billion. This will help Uber to dominate the US market of 1400 cities by providing doorstep delivery of liquor.
  • Uber has expanded its services for rural communities around the Regina region of the USA. This was done after extensive consultation with the local municipalities.
  • Uber has urged the European Union (EU) to safeguard the rights of gig workers by recognizing them as independent contractors. The UK Supreme Court will pass an order on February 19 this year regarding worker rights. It will cover working conditions, health and safety precautions, transparency in the contractual agreements, and adequate access to social protection.

The Uber clone that we offer is a cost-effective white label solution and includes Android and iOS apps for the passengers and drivers, and a robust admin panel for the efficient day-to-day administration of the platform.

We also ensure periodic maintenance, fixation of bugs, technical support, and providing frequent software updates. The benefits of the Uber clone app comprise efficient fleet management, greater profits, low operating expenses, and access to informative reports.

The attractive features of the Ubercloneapp are

  • A robust admin panel – A robust admin panelto take care of user activity, driver management, payment management, sending alerts through email and SMS, and rendering 24×7 multilingual technical support.
  • Multiple accepted payment methods –like debit and credit cards, digital wallets, online bank transfers, and wire transfers. Integration is also provided with the payment gateways of Stripe, PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard. Multiple accepted payment methods
  • An integrated rating and review system –for the users to rate their travel experience with the drivers.
  • Surge pricing –that fetches more revenue during peak hours when there is excessive demand for cabs by customers.
  • A vehicle rental facility – where users can rent any type of car for a specific duration as part of an exclusive package.
  • The various options for the driver – He/She can use the Uber clone for accepting or denying ride requests placed by the users, can go idle for a while if they do not want to take any rides, view their earnings report based on their ride history, interact with passengers via the live chat facility, use the route navigation option to reach the users’ location quickly, and self-verify their profile by submitting all the required documents and ID proof.
  • Preferential settings – for kids, pets, senior citizens, and differently-abled people to ensure a high level of comfort and convenience.
  • An integrated referral program – where existing users can refer new users to the Uber platform and earn exciting rewards by sharing the promo codes.
  • Multi-currency support – as all the leading fiat and digital currencies are accepted on the Uber clone app.
  • An SOS button –  can be utilized by the users in case they face any emergency or danger. Their immediate contacts will be notified instantly.
  • A saved location option –   where the passengers’ frequently dropped locations like home, office, and other addresses will be automatically saved. This saves time for the users as they need not manually enter the location details every time they book a taxi on the Uber clone.
  • Stopover points –where passengers can decide to stop at multiple points during their trips. Once the trip has been paused by the user, it can be resumed whenever they wish.
  • Multiple safety measures implemented because of Covid-19 –The Uber clone app , Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have upgraded the safety measures in the form of the restricted number of passengers in a cab due to government guidelines on social distancing, face mask verification of all the drivers of Uber, and ride cancellation option for the passengers in case the driver is not following the requires safety measures.

The process that users and drivers must follow for using the Uberclone

  • The user has to download the Uber mobile app on his/her device and register on the platform.
  • They can view the available cars around the location and book a ride to their desired location.
  • The ride will be booked and the taxi arrives at the user’s location quickly.
  • The trip will be concluded after the user reaches his destination safely.
  • The passenger can make the required payment either online or in cash to the driver.
  • The user can rate the driver’s service on a scale of 1 to 5 stars on the app.

With not many people preferring the use of public transport due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Uber clone app is a viable business opportunity to make it big in the market.