What Makes Spiderman & Batman The Best Superheroes in Videogames?

Over the years, all kinds of superhero games have been released, some of which had been highly successful, while the rest have gone on to bite the dust!  Most of the popular ones are the iteration of the DC and Marvel comic characters.  Let’s take a deep dive into this universe and discuss the various elements that define video gaming.

This read would be about the two of the iconic Comic super Heroes who have been more successful in transitioning to a playable character in Video Games than the rest. Under license from Marvel and DC, developed by Sony Entertainment and Warner Brothers are Spider-Man & Batman. The list of Batman games in order of release is huge and it appears the same also stands true for Spider-Man.

Where it all started?

Frankly; there are very few video game characters, which have been successful in crossing over to the other media (Lara Croft, Agent 47). The latest game to be released for the web-slinger was released this month is Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (2020).  It is the second game to be developed by Insomniac Games after Marvel’s Spider Man (2018).

The Telltale (2017) series was the last game featuring the Caped Crusader. The next Batman game GOTHAM KNIGHTS   scheduled for release in 2021 is being developed by WB Montreal studios and is likely to be released soon. One interesting thing which is common in both the latest games is – Peter Parker and Bruce Wayne are not playable as a character. The Telltale series (2016/2017) and the Marvels Spider-Man: Miles Morales has garnered huge positive reactions from players and critics alike.

These are the only two comic book characters, which have a huge collection of games under its belt. Spider-Man started its gaming journey in 1982 when SPIDER-MAN was released for Atari 2600 platform by Parker Brothers.  During the last few decades, numerous titles have been released by different studios. The supported platforms were Atari, Amstrad, Commodore, MS Dos, MS Windows, Gameboy, Sega, Genesis, PlayStation, and  Xbox series of gaming platforms.

The Origins of the Game

Batman started a little late in 1986, with the release of BATMAN by Ocean Software. The first game was for the Spectrum and Amstrad platforms. With over 25 plus titles under its belt, the Batman series of games have been able to deliver some of the most successful games in the industry. The Arkham series of games created a new set of benchmarks for the Comic Book superhero games.

Batman and Spider-Man series of games are the most popular among the superhero games. Many developers have tried to get the fans to experience the stories of THE BATMAN and SPIDER-MAN with varying degrees of success. Doing so has led to some of the worst and some of the most critically acclaimed games on the CAPED CRUSADER and the FRIENDLY NEIGHBOURHOOD TEEN FROM QUEENS.

Leaving aside the positive and negative reviews, these superhero games have given the Fans across the globe, a chance to suit up in their favorite superhero costume. The ability to use their superpowers in the virtual world created by the developers is as close as we can get to have those abilities. Swinging and crawling across Brooklyn or driving/flying around Gotham using the Batmobile/Batwing is fun.

Do the games live up to the hype?

Fighting the supervillains, rescuing hostages is what superheroes do. With the increase in computing power and graphics, games have become more open-ended. Players playing as Superheroes can create their own stories. Overall it is very pleasing and satisfying to be able to don the suit of a superhero and create something unique.