How to Fix Surface Pen Not Working Problem

Surface Pen is a active stylus and digital pen which was developed by Microsoft Corporation in July 2012. It is basically designed to showcase the digital pen computing capabilities of Microsoft’s Windows Operating System. In this article we are here to focus on Surface pen problems.

Lets say you are working on your Microsoft Surface Book Pro with your Surface Pen giving some presentations to your team and suddenly your Surface Pen stops functioning. I know that feel, you will be really frustrated and irritated because your pen stopped working while you were doing some important presentations or work and in the middle of nowhere it stops functioning.

Well there can be many reasons why your surface pro pen is not working. No worries, we assure you that your Surface pro pen is not physically damaged and in this guide we are going to explain how you can fix Surface pen not working problem.

How to Fix Surface Pen Not Working Issue

Surface pen uses the Penabled technology which was designed by Wacom Japanese company. This pen comes with one physical button which help us to navigate and take access of our Surface book up to some limits. Personally we have seen people using this pen only at the time of presentation so that the person who is presenting something on the screen can able to explain everything properly to his audience using this pen.

This pen really looks cool when we use it, using this pen we can write anything on the screen, and we can also erase it using erase tip which you will find on the top of the pen, we can even change slides by pressing that button and many more things.

This pen just make our work easier, better and faster but there many problem which shows up when we are using this pen and some of them are connectivity, battery and less accurate.

To overcome surface pro pen not working problems we have written few methods for you which can help to make this pen as good as when it was new.

Method 1: Replace the Battery of your Surface Pen with New One

The Microsoft Surface Pen uses AAAA battery. When you unbox your this Surface, you will find an extra battery with this pen and this is what the best thing I love about Microsoft products.

Lets say your physical button stops working or you are not able write anything on your screen then remove the old battery and insert the new battery. If you don’t have battery then you can buy it from any local store or online at Amazon.

Method 2: Start Repairing the Surface pen with your Tablet

We all know that Surface pen is a wireless pen and it connects to our Microsoft Surface tablet using Bluetooth 4.0, maybe your tablet bluetooth is not functioning properly and this is why your Surface pen is malfunctioning. So here in this method we are going to repair it.

Step 1: Unlock your Microsoft Surface tablet and open Settings.

Step 2: It will open a small Control Panel window and there you have to tap on Change PC Settings.


Step 3: Inside PC Settings, you will find Bluetooth, Tap on it

Step 4: Now you will find your Surface Pen in Bluetooth paired devices, you just have to tap on Remove Devices.

Step 5: Now we need to re-connect our Surface pen to our tablet. So press the button which you will find on top for 7 seconds. After 7 seconds it will start flashing green light and there you have stop.

Step 6: In your Tablet, check for new bluetooth devices and you will find Surface Pen. Tap on Pair Device.

Step 7: It will connect you pen to your tablet and then try to use your pen on your tablet and check whether it is working properly or not.

Method 3: Update Surface Pen Drivers

Still your surface pen is not writing? We think there will be an issue with Surface pen drivers. So in this method we are going to fix surface pen driver error to make sure that our software drivers are able to communicate with tablets internal hardware.

  1. We will need to install Driver Easy program in our tablet. Download Driver Easy software from this here: ““.
  2. Install it and Run the software.
  3. Tap on Scan Now button and it will start scanning for updates.
  4. Once the scanning completes you will find list of updates and from there you have to select Surface Pen and Tap on Update button as shown in this image.
  5. It will automatically download and install the update in your tablet. Once this part is completed, you have to restart your tablet to make sure that all the changes are saved and successfully applied.

Final Words

So That’s it, this was all about Microsoft Surface Pen Not Working Issue, we have personally tried and test all the methods above and it has worked for us. If you get problems while following this guide then please let us know in comment section below and we will surely help you out.