Steps To Fix Apple iPhone Error 1035

This error of 1035 appears on the iPhone or iTunes models. Most of the iPhone users like their phone to have a response on the voice mail. But, when they try to set up their voice mail response on the application, the user experiences this apple iPhone error 1035. Afterwards, they are not able to use their voice mail feature on their very own iOS devices. This error also starts with specific mobile carriers.

Based on the usual trends, most of the users are facing this problem if they are having some connections on some specific carriers. This problem can cause the voice mail functional of your iOS to dysfunction. As a result, it becomes very much challenging for iPhone users to use their devices.

How To Fix Apple iPhone Error 1035

You Can Try To Reset All The Settings Related To Your Voice Mail And Make A New One

When you start having the problem called apple iPhone error 1035, then the usage of the voice mail setting becomes null. You are not able to use the option. In this situation, you can go for setting up the voice mail so that it starts to work as expected. For doing this step, you have to make sure that there is no Wifi connection on this device. If it is there, then you have to turn it off.

Now, you have to go to the dialer application of your iOS device. There, in the numeric keypad, you have to set up the voice mail by entering your password for it. After this step, you have to go to the Greetings menu and then create a voice mail and password for the future.

After this point, the apple iPhone error 1035 will disappear in most cases. In all these steps, if you do not remember the password of your voicemail, then you can contact your network provider. They will give you further assistance to sort this issue. Some of the carriers also can set up your voice mail at the time of their in-call service.

If You Do Not Want To Make A New Voice Mail, You Can Try To Reset It

This step of the solution depends on your carrier. Before going further in this step, you can check the web for suggestions and tips based on your network provider. For this step, first, you have to set up the Wifi connection on your iOS device.

If you do not have the Wifi connection, you can also take the help of other mobile hotspots. They all must have an LTE connection. This solution approach will make sure the apple iPhone error 1035 not to appear again.

Then after making sure that you have a stable connection through Wifi, you can use your dialer app on your iPhone to go to the Greetings menu. Then, you will have to go through the following steps as per your mobile carrier to reset the voice mail. After you record the voice message, you will have your voice mail reset.

You can also try many other solutions for the Apple iPhone error 1035:

  1. You can run an iOS system recovery for your device using certified software.
  2. Resetting the network is also an alternative solution if the above three methods fail.