How To Reset Smart Hub: Step By Step Guide

How to Reset Smart Hub: It is an era of Smart TVs. Gone are those days when you were restricted to watch limited content and that too at a specific time. Now is the time when you can watch anything of your choice at any time of your convenience. This is the kind of flexibility Smart TVs are providing to us. The usage of Smart TVs is very common in many countries like United States, Australia, United Kingdom, etc. However, few countries are readily transforming to accept this change. People in India are keener towards Smart TVs now.

In Samsung Smart TVs, we have something called Smart Hub. It is basically a gateway to a set of advanced features for your Smart TV. It allows you to do the following:

  • You can easily search for movies and TV shows using Smart Hub.
  • It allows you to browse the web.
  • You can search for various apps available.
  • It also provides you a feature to chat with your friends.
  • Also, you can find a whole new set of brand-new interactive TV content.

How To Reset Smart Hub?

One basic and working solution of many of these issues is to reset smart hub. This can potentially solve several issues that you face while using your Smart TVs. This is the reason why we have developed this short and step by step guide to let you know the steps to reset smart hub. Now that we know the importance to reset smart hub, let us jump on how actually we can reset smart hub. Let’s get the ball rolling now.

Just follow the steps given below to reset smart hub:

  • Switch on your Smart TV. Once it is up, press the Smart Hub button on your remote control.
  • This will open the Smart Hub screen for you.
  • Now, press the blue letter from your remote control. This will open Settings option of Smart Hub.
  • Select Reset option. Press the Enter button from the remote control.
  • This will ask for a password. Please note that if you don’t remember setting up a PIN for your Smart Hub, it could be a default PIN which is 0000.
  • This will start the resetting process and you will see Reset Complete pop up in a while.

So, these were the few easy steps to reset smart hub. Hope you liked this article on How to Reset Smart Hub. However, if you are still stuck and need further assistance, feel free to reach out to us via comments. The comments section is placed right below this post. Thanks.