Kernel Security Check Failure Windows 10 – How to Fix

Stuck with a blue screen that says KERNEL SECURITY CHECK Failure in Windows 10 and your system is restarting again and again. Well, don’t panic. This is a popular error in Windows 10 that we call the Blue Screen of Death as you don’t get much left to do.

There is this blue screen every time you turn on your Windows 10 system or it turns up anytime while you in the middle of your work, it gets really frustrating. Now is the time you should fix this Windows 10 Kernel security check failure.

The reason for Kernel_security_check_failure can be a corrupt file or virus infection in your system. But the main and most common reason for kernel security failure in Windows 10 is an incompatible driver. Often, when we upgrade our system from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 to Windows 10 some drivers become incompatible and become the lead cause of Windows 10 Kernel Security check failure.

How To Fix Kernel Security Check Failure Windows 10

So, here are some methods for Kernel security check failure error Windows 10 fix!

Method #1: Clean And Update Your Pc

Before you go out trying other solutions, try cleaning your computer with any good anti-virus and also install all new Windows Updates available. You should also consider checking your system with corrupt files by running System File Checker.

Also, make sure that all your hardware devices are connected properly. Now, restart your computer.

If you still face the Kernel security check failure, go for the next solution.

Method #2: Scan Your Hard Disk

To make sure there isn’t something wrong with your system files, scan your hard disk. To do this type the following in Command Prompt and press enter

If the error is fixed, you are good to go but if not, try the next one.

Method #3: Fix Kernel Security Check Error In Windows 10 Using Advance Start Up

If you are stuck unable to log in, this method will definitely help you. Follow these simple steps-

Step #1: Restart you PC with a Windows 10 bootable media in the optic drive

Step #2: Now, follow the setup guide and click on “Repair your computer”.

Step #3: You will see the “troubleshoot” screen. On this, click on Advance options.”

Step #4: On the Advance options screen, click on Command Prompt and type “C:” on that and hit enter.

Step #5: Type the following one the next prompt screen and press enter.

bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy

Let the command be executed and then type EXIT.

Step #6: Back on the options screen, click on continue and restart your computer.

The problem should be fixed by now.

Method #4: Try Memory Diagnostic Tool

Not that you can log into your PC and if the Windows 10 Kernel security check error is still not fixed, you can try the Memory diagnostic tool to check for errors in memory of your system.

Method #5: Check Your Antivirus

If you are getting Kernel Security Check error after successfully installing new antivirus software on your Windows PC then We suggest you to first remove that antivirus software OR disable for some time. Not every time but sometimes its happen that Antivirus that installed on your system block important Windows updates and that’s the reason you are getting this issue.

Method #6: Remove Ram Stick

If you have bad RAM Stick is the reason that you get Kernel Security Check failure. You just need to remove and reinsert it on your PC. When you have done this search for Windows Memory Diagnostic and follow the step.

These methods should probably fix the Kernel Security Check Error on Windows 10 and we hope this helped you. After the Windows 10 upgrade, many users are facing such errors. So, keep calm and find the solution because there is no problem that cannot be solved. If you have any queries related to any windows problem you are facing, feel free to drop a comment or you can email us too!