How To Setup Voice Control In Ios 13

How to setup voice control in iOS 13 : Apple announced its latest update that is iOS 13 few days back. There are so amazing features which was included in iOS 13 and enhances its dark theme, camera, Photos, Privacy and Security, Apple Sign In and many more things. Check the latest iOS 13 features.

One of the most amazing features which were introduced in iOS is Voice Control. Here in this article we will help you in Enable Voice Control in iOS 13. This Voice Control is a great new accessibility feature which allows users to control iOS device with just your voice.

Seriously technology is developing day by day and becoming more and more efficient. Voice Control is a fantastic way to interact your iPhone or iPad hands-free. Just with a change of few settings and accessibility option you can make this happen. You just need to setup voice control in iOS 13 and you can start using it.

How To Setup Voice Control in iOS 13

It is quite easy to setup voice control in iOS 13. It is simple and straight forward thing. Follow the steps below to enable voice control in iOS 13.

  • Go to Settings >> Accessibility
  • Swipe down and search for Voice Control
  • Simple turn on the toggle switch to enable voice control in iOS 13

That’s all. You can now simply speak and control your iPhone or iPad without any touch input. It’s really impressive give it a try at least once. Simply narrate your message like Open Notes, Tap New Notes, Write a text message and share. All this can be done by voice commands. Go ahead and enable Voice Control in iOS 13 for your device.

For ease of access of voice control there are some customised commands also. You can use them according to your need.

How To Use Voice Control – Customised Commands

If you are struggling with the voice commands you can have a look on these customized commands for better understanding of feature.

  • Go to Settings >> Accessibility >> Voice Control
  • Tap on Customised Commands and then select the command which you want to see like Overlays or Basic Gesture.

This is all about how to setup voice control in iOS 13. If you have any other suggestions kindly let us know via comments. We can answer your queries and issues via comments section.