How To Remove The Default Music Player In Android

I am sure a lot of people are looking for the answer to this question. I did not know the answer to that question , until recently, when It started interfering with my music functions in my HTC HD2 (I am using android version 2.3.7).

So an average person may ask why would I want to remove the default music player in Android?

Well, there are many reasons. The first and foremost is that it ain’t that pretty. I am using Winamp, which offers far more superior sound output and has tons of features as compared to the default music application that Android has. Secondly, every time you use a music function in your Android to control Winamp or any other third-party music player, Android’s native music player receives the same commands and starts interfering with your music. And if you happen to be a music lover, interference may cause you to smash the phone into a thousand pieces!

After searching a while on Google, I did not find a direct solution and decided to hack the phone myself! (after all, its just Linux!). And I have successfully been able to to thus.

Now without wasting anymore of your precious time, lets get to the solution.

Follow these steps (user interface might differ from phones to phones, so I presume, you have what is popularly known as common sense!):

1) Download and Open ES File Explorer. This application can be found on android market (Google Play)

2) Navigate to the root level – You may be asked to grant Super user permissions at this point

3) Look for, and open the  system directory in the above list.

4) Open the app directory

5) Look for Music.apk in the list and rename the file to Music.apk.back

6) Reboot your phone. You are DONE!

So the whole trick is to navigate to the path /system/app and rename Music.apk , which is the launcher for the native android music player. This way, Android wouldn’t be able be able to located the default music player!

This method is pretty safe. You can always rename Music.apk.back to Music.apk should you wish to switch back to the native android player (although that is very unlikely!)

Let me know if this solves your problem in the comments section below.