How To Get Free .Edu Email Address?

Are you looking for a way to get a free .edu email address? If yes then you should keep reading. Because we know exactly how to get them!

The .edu email addresses are very valuable. These emails work like normal emails but come with a list of benefits. As these emails are specially created for students you can avail of all the offers and benefits that students get. And believe me, there is a list of benefits that you will not like to abandon.

But there is a problem, as mentioned before only students get these emails from their institutes so not everyone can take advantage of them.
But no need to worry! Because we have found a way that can get you a .edu email address even if you are not a student!

So let’s start.

Why Is .Edu Email Address Valuable?

The .edu email address is valuable because it gets you all the advantages that a student gets. Normally students have a lot of benefits and discounts. So if you have a student email address you can avail of these discounts. These discounts are available on all major brands online. You can save some serious money by using a .edu email.

What Can You Get With .Edu Email?

You can get a bunch of benefits with a .edu email address. There are some of them:
Did you know that you can get a free Amazon prime subscription with a student email? Yes, Amazon Prime offers a 6-month free subscription for students. On top of that, you can get a yearly subscription for 59$ which is very reasonable.

If you listen to podcasts and music then you can get discounts on platforms like Spotify and Apple music. You can get these subscriptions for 4.99. Which can save you some money.

With a .edu email, you can get 1TB of free cloud storage on Google Drive. This is amazing because you have to pay to get cloud space with a regular email.

You can get discounts on online products like laptops.

How to Get .Edu Email Address?

The easiest and legal way to get a .edu email address is to apply for online admission to a College. It is a formality and you don’t have to enroll if you don’t want to. You just have to apply for admission and put in your details and once you have your email address you can stop the process.

You can follow these steps:

Go to the Virginia Community Colleges website and enter your information. You can use your real information if you want.

After account creation, go to the apply page and fill out the form including all the details about your previous grades, etc.

Now you have to wait for the College’s email. They will provide you with your email address through VCCs address.

You can now use this email to do whatever you want. This is the simplest way to get a .edu email address.

If you prefer any other college or university then apply there. You can apply to any college that you like to get a .edu email address. But if you are unable to find any college that can get you a .edu email address. The only way to get it is to pay some money. There are websites online that can get you .edu emails for cheap. So do consider them if you can not get the email elsewhere.


The .edu email address is valuable. It gets you a bunch of discounts and perks that you can never get with a regular email. But it is difficult to get when you are not a student. So in this blog, we have shared a method to get free .edu email address. We have also discussed the benefits of getting a .edu email.