How to Get Free Chegg Answer?

Do you get stuck finding answers for your college assignments? This is something we all can relate to. But today we have the internet. Whether you are a student or just a researcher you can get all kinds of information on the internet.

Although it is still difficult to look for answers for hours and this is something that you can not afford when you are short on deadlines. So what should you do? I’ll tell you, use platforms like Chegg.

Chegg is a tech company that aims to provide educational services. Everything from online tutoring to getting your assignments done, you can get it on Chegg. You might be thinking what’s the catch? The drawback or the condition of getting services on Chegg is that you have to pay.

These services are paid and everyone cannot afford them. Most of the people who look for these services are students and the majority are not financially able to get them. But you don’t have to worry! Because in this blog we have discussed the best ways to get free Chegg answers. So let’s start!

Best Ways to Get Free Chegg Answer

There are a lot of ways to get Chegg answers for free. So we have gathered the best working ways that many people use to get their work done. So let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Use the Trial Version

The first safe and legal way to get free Chegg answers is to use the trial version. You can get a trial of one month without paying anything. You can follow these steps to get the trial version:

• Firstly, go to this Chegg website link and create an account with your email. Add all the necessary information including the payment method and create an account.
• Once you have created an account, now your one-month trial will start. You can remove your payment method details once your trial is done.

In this one-month trial, you can get all the Chegg services and get all answers that you want. If you want to get the services again, You can repeat the process with different accounts and payment methods to get the trial version again.

2. Use Cracked Websites

The next way to get your Chegg answers for free is to use crack websites. If you didn’t know it before there are websites that get you Chegg answers for free. The one that we recommend is HomeWorkify. You can visit it and paste your question’s link on the website.

 After completing the captcha click on Get Answer and you will get your answers there. It works most of the time and you can get 80-90% of your answer from this website.

3. Try Other Websites

The last way that we suggest is to use other websites to get the answers. Most of the time when you search for an answer on Google there is material available on the internet.

But if you want to get your answers for free you have to do some research. With proper research, you can get all your answers online.

You can use Quora and find questions. You can also ask questions on the platform. Other than Quora you can use platforms like Reddit. You can join communities with your interest and ask your question there.


Chegg is an excellent platform for knowledge seekers. You can get all types of answers and educational services on Chegg. It is one of the best places to get your work done. The only problem that students face is that they can not afford to buy Chegg. So we have shared the best ways to get free Chegg answers. You can follow them as they have worked for many others.