How to Flash in CWM (ClockWorkMod): CM 7.2, CM 9 & CM 10

How to Flash in CWM: In this article, we will let you know the steps to flash in CWM. First we will go through all the requirements and then we will go for step by step guide to flash in CWM.


1) Rooted i9000 with CWM recovery
2) Do not have any sort of lagfix applied (UNDO FIRST) ( Never do a factory reset when you have LagFix applied)
3) Backup your EFS folder to Ext.SD card or PC.
4) Battery is fully charged
5) SIM Card and Ext.SD card removed
6) Phone is unlocked (NO USIM lock present)
7) You can do a nandroid backup, If you like to have one for future reversion.

For a CLEAN Flash, IN CWM you can go to mounts and Storage and format every partition, after that, mount USB storage and connect your phone to PC to copy CM9 and gapps to your SD card.

NOTE: (If you intent to do this way, you will lose everything on your SD card by doing this, so save your Backups and important data files to PC First.)

NOTE:-Always Start with a Gingerbread 2.3.6, Flash ICS First before Flashing Jelly bean , this will be the proper procedure, do not jump from GingerBread to Jellybean

8) just place this two Zip files in your Internal SD card by copy paste.

Flashing in CWM

Use CWM app and select “Reboot into ClockWorkMod recovery” or the way you know how to. (Use volume keys to scroll & power key to select in ClockWorkMod)

1) Do a WIPE (factory reset + wipe cache partition)
2) chose “install zip from sdcard”
3) Select “choose zip from sdcard”
4) Select “” or your chosen ROM > Select “Yes” and Flashing will take place

Flash the same file one more time, Meaning repeat steps 2,3 & 4 again for ICS to avoid problems

Now Flash the Gapps

5) Select “choose zip from sdcard”
6) Select “” or latest gapps> Select “Yes” and Flashing will take place

Once complete, select “Go Back” and “reboot system”. Thats it, you will be on ICS.

If it failed to load into ICS, First power down, pull out Battery, SIM CARD, and EXT.SD card, press power button for a minute , than power up without SIM and Ext.SD Card.. and test again.

Hope you liked this article on “How to Flash in CWM (ClockWorkMode) for CM 7.2, CM 9 or CM 10. In case you find yourself into trouble while going through the methods given above, feel free to ask via comments. Stay tuned.