How To Fix Windows Error 0x800f081f

Windows is an operating system available for both PC as well as mobile and it is developed by the tech giant – Microsoft. Microsoft consistently rolls out new updates of Windows operating system.

The latest version of Windows today is Windows 10. Amongst all the available versions of Windows, the Windows 7 is considered to be the one who got a lot of praise and support by the users. Starting with Windows 8, Microsoft completely revamped its User Interface by introducing tiles and it got a mixed response from the users.

Are you also using Windows operating system? Are you getting Windows Error 0x800f081f? Well, a lot of Windows users around the world often encounter the error code 0x800f081f. If you are also one of those, then just don’t worry. Getting a Windows Error is quite common these days.

A lot of people get stuck while installing Windows updates due to some error. Many people report facing errors while installing some software such as .NET. There is no doubt that Windows is one of the most popular of all the available operating systems. But no matter how good or how popular a software is, it can never be 100% free from errors and fortunately or unfortunately, Microsoft’s Windows is no different.

What Causes Windows Error Code 0x800f081f?

The Windows error code 0x800f081f is usually caused due to a clash between different versions of the .NET framework. There are scenarios when you try to install a software that requires .NET 3.5 version but you have got .NET 4.5 installed by default. This results in a clash and you get the Windows error code 0x800f081f.

Due to some reason, the default version of the .NET framework in Windows is 4.5 and not 3.5 and thus you often get an error 0x800f081f. However, the fix of this error code is quiet and simple and hence you need not worry at all.

How To Fix Windows Error Code 0x800f081f

In this section, we have listed few methods to fix Windows Error 0x800f081f. Please make sure you follow each and every step carefully. We have prepared this step by step guide in such a way that even a person with no prior technical knowledge can implement these steps and get rid of error code 0x800f081f. So follow along and implement the methods carefully.

Method 1: Change Group Policy Settings

Any discrepancy in the Group Policy can cause the Windows error code 0x800f081f. In this scenario, we need to verify one specific component called optional component installation and component repair. All we need to do is to Enable this setting, which is usually Disabled by default. Simply follow each and every step given below to implement this method.

  • Press Windows Key + R to open the Run Panel. Type gpedit.msc within the text box of Run Panel. This will open Local Group Policy Editor. 
  • In the Local Group Policy Editor, go to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System.
  • Now double click on the option: Specify settings for optional component installation and component repair. 
  • This will open a new window. Here, select the Enabled option and click on OK button.

Now try to install the software that was causing the error code 0x800f081f and check if the error still persists.

Method 2: Use System File Checker To Upgrade System Files

Windows operating system comes up with an inbuilt command called sfc (stands for System File Checker) that basically scans your entire system for obsolete and damaged system files and dll files and replaces them with the latest and correct ones. We have prepared a step by step guide for using the sfc command to repair system files and dll files to fix this error code. Just go through the steps mentioned in this guide carefully.

Repair Windows System Files Using sfc Command

One this is done, restart your system. Now, try to install the app that was causing error code 0x800f081f. Hopefully, this should resolve the issue. If not, try implementing the next method given below.

Method 3: Use Dism To Enable .net Framework 3.5

It may be also possible that .NET 3.5 Framework is not even enabled on your system. So, here we will be making use of DISM to enable the .NET framework 3.5. Please note that you will be required to have an installation media or ISO image of your Windows to perform this method. If you have it, then just follow the steps given below carefully.

  • Click on the Search button at the bottom left and type cmd. Right click on cmd and choose Run as Administrator. This will open a command prompt as an administrator.
  • Type the following command within this command prompt. Please make sure you replace the <DRIVE> with the actual drive letter (for example C:) of installation media drive or the ISO drive.

Dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFx3 /All /Source:<DRIVE>:\sources\sxs /LimitAccess

  • Now try to install the software that was causing the error code 0x800f081f and check if the error code 0x800f081f still persists. Hopefully, this error code should vanish now.

So, that is all we have got folks. These were the few tested and verified methods to get rid of Windows Error code 0x800f081f. Please let us know if you get stuck somewhere while implementing the methods or in case of any other issue as well.