How To Download Stock Images Without Watermark?

So you want to download stock images without a watermark? Then keep reading this blog to the end! Images are an important part of the internet. Whether you are a content writer or any kind of content creator, you always need images for your work. They help the audience visualize better and make the overall quality of the work amazing.

You can not use any image on the internet because of copyright issues. So there exist stock images. These are the images that are available for commercial use. But when you get these images for free, there is always a watermark of the website that you got them from. Which makes your work look unprofessional.

So in this blog, we have shared the best ways to download stock images without watermark.

Best Ways to Download Stock Images Without Watermark

These are the best ways to get stock images without a watermark. These are legal ways, so you will face no consequences. You can use these methods to get your images easily.

1. Get a Subscription

The best legal way to get all your desired stock images without a watermark is to get a subscription. You can get subscriptions to popular stock images websites like shutter stock. Their subscription starts from 49$ dollars a year and goes up to 450$ depending on the package that you have chosen.

These subscriptions are helpful and you can download all the paid images of your choice. This might not be affordable for some people but believe me, if you are a content creator, then see it as an investment.

If your content is good enough the money that you are investing now will come back in some time. But if you can not afford it right now, you can move to the next method to get free stock images without a watermark.

2. Use the Website

If you are not able to buy paid subscriptions to get stock images without a watermark then you should follow this method. You can get your desired stock image by following this method. Follow these steps to get free stock images without a watermark.

• Firstly, visit this website.

• Now paste the link of the image that you want to download without a watermark. You can get the URL from stock image websites like Shutterstock and Gettyimages.

• Once you have pasted the URL in the box, click on the Download option. Then select Download Now.

• Lastly, save it without a watermark. Don’t worry about the quality of the image. You will get high-resolution images.

3. Use Facebook for Free Stock Images

Did you know that you can download free stock images from Facebook? Follow these steps to get your desired image without a watermark.

• Open the Mozilla Firefox browser on your PC and log in to your FB account.

• Now, click on this Facebook ads link. This will take you to the homepage where you have to look for Create Mockup arrow option. Click on the Single Image option.

• Now you will see a new page, scroll down, and click on Stock Images.

• Enter the name/keyword of the image that you are looking for. Choose any image and then select the Confirm option.

Your images will be saved. Don’t worry about the quality. You will receive high-resolution images that you can use wherever you like.


Images play an important role in today’s content creation. There are some problems that newbie content creators face like copyright issues on images. When they try to download free stock images they get a watermark. To solve this issue we have the best ways to download stock images without watermark. You can use these methods without any hesitation.