How To Check Instagram Profile Visits

Instagram, as we all know, is one of the most trending social media application. With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is achieving greater heights each day. From the time Instagram has been acquired by Facebook, it has made significant progress in terms of revenue and number of users. People are spending much more time on Instagram rather than on its competitors such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. Also, Instagram recently came up with a brand-new video sharing platform called IGTV. If you are one of those folks who likes to create and share videos online, then you must give IGTV a try. It is surely worth it.

We, as a user, are always delighted to know who is keeping an eye on us. In the very early days of social media, there was an application called Orkut. This application not only allowed users to chat but also gave information on who all visited their profile. Accept it or not, we all want to have this information. We may pretend that we don’t, but deep inside we all want to know it. Instagram recently came up with something where you can get an information on how many people visited your file. Please note that you will only get numbers and not the names of the people who visited your profile. I guess even numbers are good to have.

Can We See Profile Visits On Instagram?

Yes, we can. Though this feature is available for free on Instagram, it doesn’t come by default. You will have to spend 3-5 minutes of your busy or free schedule to enable this feature on your Instagram application. We have shared a simple step by step guide by which you can enable Instagram Profile Visits feature. So, enough has been said and now is the time for action. So, let us get started.

How to Enable Instagram Profile Visits Feature

In this section, you will get all you need to enable Instagram Profile Visits feature. Please make sure you follow the steps given below carefully. We have also provided the relevant screenshots for the same. If you are in doubt, or have any concerns, or even if you are stuck at some point, feel free to reach out to us via comments or Contact Us Page. We will try to resolve your query at the earliest.

  • First, launch Instagram application on your Android or iOS device.
  • Now go to the Accounts section by tapping on the users icon located at the bottom right.
  • Tap on the three bars located at the top right.
  • Now tap on the Settings icon located at the bottom. Please refer to the screenshot below if you are not able to find it.
  • Now scroll down to find an option for Switch to Business Account. This is an account that will give you the information on number of Instagram Profile Visits. So tap on Switch to Business Account.
  • Now keep tapping on Continue button until you are asked to Choose a Facebook Page.
  • Choose the page of your choice and follow the instructions to set up your Business account.
  • That’s it. Once you are done with all these steps, you should start getting the information you need.

So, these were the easy yet efficient steps to Enable Instagram Profile Visits feature on your Android or iOS based device. Hope you liked this article