How to change Twitter Handle or Username

social media gaining more and more popularity every day, and with celebrities joining these platforms to share their lifestyle updates and views on different topics, social media is attracting a huge bunch of audience all across the globe. According to a report, Twitter has 126 million daily users. 

These numbers are enough to prove the popularity of this social media platform. Twitter has its own aura and with celebrities being more proactive on this platform, people are enjoying it even more. Be it politics, cricket world cup, FIFA, or anything, Twitter is always the most used social media platform.

No matter what the platform is, your display name and your profile picture have to be perfect. These are things visible to others and we should make sure they look good. We are often obsessed about the profile pictures and often sideline our username. But the trend is changing now.

People are taking their twitter handles and usernames more seriously. So, if you are also one of those candidates whose Twitter handle is not so cool and wants to give yourself a cutting edge Twitter handle, you have landed at the right place. We will assist you to change Twitter handle or username in a matter of a few minutes. So, let’s get the ball rolling now.

How To Change Twitter Handle Or Username

In order to change Twitter handle or Username, you just need to follow these steps. Though these steps are extremely easy, we have incorporated the screenshots as well so that you do not face any issues at all. So, the steps to change Twitter handle or username are as follows:

  • Go to your Twitter account on any device.
  • At the top left, click on your profile picture and then tap on Settings and Privacy.
  • Now, tap on Account from the menu in left.
  • Tap on Username option.
  • Enter your desired username.
  • Now, tap on Done button.

That’s it. You have successfully changed your Twitter handle. Now, you have a brand new super cool Twitter handle that you can brag of to your friends.

So, these were the easiest steps to change Twitter handle or username. Hope you liked this article on How to change Twitter Handle or Username. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section which is placed right below this post. We would love to hear from you. Thanks.