Google Play Authentication Is Required Error: How To Fix

Fix Google Play Authentication is Required Error: We all are using Google Play Store to download any Apps, Games, Books or many more things. There is a lot of collection available for each and everything. Google Play Store is one of the most essential things for any Android user.

Almost 99% apps or games are available on Play Store if it is not there you can download it from third party by allowing unknown sources from settings on your Android. Recently we have noticed that Android users are getting Google Play Authentication Error. Believe us this is the most common error among every Android user.

There are some common fixes for Google Play Authentication is Required Error which we have discussed below.

What is Google Play Authentication Error?

Sometimes, while downloading apps from Play Store you will notice a pop up appears “Authentication is required. You need to Sign into your Google Account”. Generally people don’t logging or log out from Play Store so connection should re-establish. Once you log in again to Play Store this Google Play Authentication Error vanishes.

But in most of the cases people are complaining that even after re-login they are getting the same error. So, if you are getting this error for the first time we would suggest re-login once. In case re-login doesn’t help kindly go through the steps discussed below.

Google Play Authentication Is Required Error – Fixed

Remove Google Account

Sometimes, when Play Store undergoes automatic update, this sign-in issue can occur. So, one way to fix this Sign-In issue is to remove your Google Account and set it up again. To remove Google Account follow the steps:

  • Go to Settings >> Accounts >> Select Google
  • If you have multiple accounts, remove the primary account.
  • Give a restart to your phone and after rebooting, open Play Store to set up your account.

Sync All Your Accounts

We have seen most of the time while updating that App users are getting Google Play Authentication is Required Error. So, there might be chances that you need to push some things from your device. Mostly in such cases we need to just auto sync our data with Play Store.

  • Go to Settings >> Accounts >> Sync All

This will sync your data with Play Store, it might take some time so be patient. Once syncing of data is done you can check downloading or installing the app again.

Clear Play Store Cache and Data

There might be chances that some internal data is manipulated or corrupted. So, best way is to clear and cache for Play Store. This is the most effective solution for errors related to this type or field. To clear data and cache follow the steps:

  • Go to Settings >> Apps and Notification >> See all Apps
  • When you click on See all apps a list will come. Find Play Store in that list and tap on it.
  • Now click on Storage >> Clear cache and same way Clear Data.

Uninstall Latest Google Play Store Update

Sometimes, automatic updates causes this Google Play Authentication is Required Issue. So, if you feel previously your Google Play Store was working fine and this issue is coming after updating the Play Store then it is good to try uninstalling the latest update. To uninstall the latest Google Play Store updates follow the steps:

  •  Go to Settings >> Apps & Notification >> See All Apps
  • From the list select Play Store then Three Vertical Dots on top-right corner
  • After this click on Uninstall Update button and your updates will be uninstalled

Hopefully this article “How To Fix Google Play Authentication is Required Error” helped you in fixing this annoying issue. If you had problems with any of the step discussed above kindly comment your query.