Fixing Blue Screen of Death in Windows 10

Are you facing Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death while upgrading Windows? Well, this issue is faced by millions of windows 10 users in all over the world. Today we are going to share a perfect solution for Fixing Blue Screen of Death in Windows 10 easily.

We know you want an instant solution, but if you are not familiar with Windows tactics then you must understand basically what you are actually going to do with your windows 10.

So this is why we strongly suggest you read this entire guide on how to fix Blue Screen of Death while Booting Windows 10 properly and carefully because sometimes some changes not should be done in Windows platform because it might terminate your windows license or damage your windows official settings.

How to Fix Blue Screen of Death in Windows 10?

Windows 10 has Blue Screen of death also known as BSOD or Stop Error Screen which comes while doing some task on Windows 10, Upgrading the OS of Windows While Booting and sometimes while working normal tasks on your Windows PC.

At the same time, some people also facing Black Screen Problem and few of them face BSOD issue. So this is why we have come here to share perfect explanation that what a Windows User should do in these cases.

Why This Happened?

When a Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 user upgrade to windows 10 that time you may face BSOD and that is a quite common issue.

Basically, this happened came in front of you because of changes in BIOS settings. In some cases, this error came because of corrupted windows.

Fixing Process of “Blue Screen of Death”

If you get Blue Screen of Death while Booting Windows 10 upgrading, and that time the installer will take your system back to original OS.

Now you need to run the upgrade functionality again, you should not stop this process while upgrading such as careful with power supply, and other outer errors.

The old window files still in your C: Drive and you need to format this drive before running the upgrade version. You need to delete each and every file in Software Distribution Folder under Windows Folder.

Keep in mind that you need to run official windows only not a fake copy, and then run Setup.exe from the Windows 10 installation folder. It will help you to stay away from BSOD while upgrading to Windows 10.

Blue Screen of Death while Booting Windows 10

There is two scenarios came in front of you while booting windows 10. In the first, you can access the desktop immediately. The second face is, Blue Screen of Death stops you to reach to desktop and your computer restarts again and again.

Method 1.

If you can access your windows desktop, just go to settings and go to Windows updates. Tap on Advanced and then installed updates. Check the date of updates, and remove those which come with BSOD. If this helps you and fix the problem, then block the upgrading system itself.

Method 2.

If your driver is not updated, you need to check whether your drivers installed correctly or not. This method is same as above. You can check driver updates in the Installed Updates. You need to block automatic driver updates settings from Microsoft.

BSOD reboot loop prevents access to Desktop

If you got a Blue Screen of Death robot loop, then Windows 10 will automatically start the repair mode. Now you can use the System Restore functionality to fix the entire issue.

Tap on System Restore and choose Date/Point before you start getting BSOD. So these setting changes will not affect your system files.

Final Conclusion:

We hope you find this post useful and it helps you to rid out of the issue of “Blue Screen of Death in Windows 10” and you don’t need any geeky friend to resolve this issue now. We try to cover this issue in easy steps.

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