Fix Netflix Error Ui-800-2 On Smart Tv – Free How To

Smart TV’s are the most trending thing these days. People are moving towards smart appliance on which TVs are on the top. One of the most amazing things about smart TV is that you can download apps of your choice. You will get some pre-installed apps otherwise download third party apps on your smart TV.

As we said world is moving towards smart TV then it is quite obvious some issues will definitely come. Today we will discuss one them that is How to Fix Netflix Error UI-800-2 on Smart TV.

Suppose you are watching an amazing movie or web series on Netflix on Smart TV and suddenly some error occurs. We feel this is the most annoying thing between any movie and series. This Netflix Error UI-800-2 can occur on TV, XBOX and PS3. Don’t worry there are some simple tricks with which you can fix it easily.

Why Error Ui-800-2 Occurs On Netflix?

There can be multiple reasons like internet connection, hardware issue, device issue or error on Netflix side. But whenever this error occurs you need to refresh the information stored on device. To refresh such information you have to follow the step discussed below.

How To Fix Netflix Error UI-800-2 on Smart TV

Restart Your Wi-Fi

  • Un-Plug your Wi-Fi from main power
  • You have to wait at least 10 seconds after removing it from main power
  • Again turn it on and wait for another 1 minute
  • Now check whether same error exists for Netflix

Restart Setup Box Or Streaming Media Player

  • If restarting your Wi-Fi doesn’t work give a try by restarting Setup Box
  • You have to unplug setup box for 1 minute
  • After unplugging setup box press and hold power button on device to discharge it
  • If you feel power button is not there, leave your setup box or streaming media player unplugged for 3 minutes at least
  • After 3 minutes plug in and turn on your device
  • Now try Netflix

Restart Your Smart TV

  • If above two methods didn’t worked for you try this one.
  • It is almost similar like restarting setup box
  • Unplug your smart TV for at least one minute and press power button for 5 seconds to discharge it
  • If you are not able to access power button, leave your TV unplugged for at least 3 minutes
  • Now plug in and turn on your smart TV and try Netflix again hopefully it will work

Sign out – Sign In Netflix

  • As we said whenever this error UI-800-2 comes you have refresh the information stored. This we can easily do by Signing Out and Signing In to Netflix again.
  • Go to Settings or Gear Box and Select Reset/Sign Out/ Deactivate
  • If in case Settings tab and Gear Box are not there. Pull up the deactivation screen by pressing UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, UP, UP, UP using arrow key.
  • After this you have to Select Reset/Sign Out/ Deactivate whatever visible to you.
  • Once you are Signed Out, Sign back In and try Netflix again.

Reset Smart Hub

Resetting the smart hub can fix Netflix Error UI-800-2. We have prepared a short and simple step by step guide for you to reset the smart hub. You can follow the steps mentioned in this guide to reset the smart hub which will eventually fix Netflix Error UI-800-2.

Once you implement all the steps, you should no longer face Netflix Error UI-800-2.

Contact your Manufacturer

If none of the above solutions worked then there might be chances of some hardware issue or software issue. This can be fixed by device manufacturer by installing the latest firmware or by factory reset. They can guide you better on this so please take their help.

Hopefully article “How to Fix Netflix Error UI-800-2 on Smart TV” helped you in fixing the issue. If you have any doubt or any suggestions kindly let us know via comments.