Fix Moto G Wi-Fi and Signal Loss Issue – Common Problems

How to Fix Moto G Wi-Fi and Signal Loss Issue: Motorola launched a Moto series smartphones last year and in that series on of the best phone was Moto G. Moto G proved to be a huge success for Motorola as it gave users a significant number of cool features at an affordable price. Like other Motorola smartphones, Moto G is also available only on Flipkart. In continuation Motorola also introduced a new Moto G series with the name Moto G 2nd Generation.

Moto G is an amazing smartphone but most of the users are facing problems involving Wi-Fi and Signal Loss. There are also so many common problems that were faced by Moto G users but these two problems were the most common. You can fix this Wi-Fi Issue and Signal Loss issue by following the steps discussed below. You might be facing this issue on your Moto G but don’t worry it is so easy to fix these issues.

Sometime you notice that your Signal connection suddenly goes down on your Moto G and  sometime there was also no sim card connection. In Wi-Fi drop issue you’ll notice that sometime you are not able to connect to the Wi-Fi or sometime you get connected to the wireless connection but you are not able to access that connection. You will be shocked when you came to know that even factory reset will not help you out in this issue. You can follow the steps discussed below and these steps will surely going to help you in fix Moto G WiFi and Signal Loss Issue.

Fix Moto G Wi-Fi and Signal Loss Issue – Complete Guide

This complete guide will provide you some easy yet efficient steps to fix Moto G Wi-Fi and Signal Loss Issue.

Fix Moto G WiFi Issue

  • If you are unable to connect to the wireless network then there may be chances that you are not in the range or signal strength is too weak to provide a successful connection. In this case you have to check the signal bar to ensure the strength of wireless connection.
  • First go to that network and then click on forget network then re-enter the key on the phone to match the key configured on the router. In this case you also need to check the encryption type and security settings match on the router and phone both.

  • There will also be chances that the wireless network you are trying to connect is configured for the static IP addresses. So you need to check with the system administrator for an IP address.
  • You can also try to change encryption of your WiFi router and then restart your WiFi again and then try to connect the same WiFi connection on your Moto G.
  • You can also try to unplug the power from router and turn the phone off. After this wait for 1 minute and plug the power of router again and try to connect WiFi connection on your Moto G.
      Fix Moto G Signal Loss Issue
    • Turn Airplane On and Off – This is the most basic step that you need to perform whenever you face this Signal Loss Issue. But in most of the cases this step will not help you can say that this is not a reliable method.
    • Restart your Moto G – If above method didn’t help you then you can try to restart your Moto G. When you turn Off your Moto G then don’t forget to eject Sim card and put it back in your device. This will surely fix you issue but restarting your Moto G will become quite irritating after few days therefore this is also not a reliable method.
    • Update your Device to the Latest Firmware – Most of the users are facing this issue and in respond to the complaints Moto and Android released a minor update that will surely fix your Signal Loss issue in Moto G. If you want to update to Latest Firmware then go to Settings >> About >> System updates this will show you the update if any update was available for your device.

So this was all about fixing Moto G Wi-Fi and Signal Loss Issue. Hope you like this article on “How to Fix Moto G Wi-Fi and Signal Loss Issue”. In case of any queries regarding this, feel free to ask via comments.