Fix Error Code 800704cf In Windows Phone

How To Fix Error Code 800704CF in Windows Phone: Nowadays people are moving towards Windows phones instead of iOS and Android. Microsoft shows the potential of Windows OS in phones and seriously it is giving tough fight to other OS. But in spite of all these users are getting one common error code 800704CF. Here we don’t want to criticize Microsoft because such errors are common among all the OS whether it is iOS or Android.

Windows Phones users said, they are unable to sync their phones with Outlook account. Also, Microsoft store App is not even trying to connecting and this Error Code 800704CF is thrown. One more thing which users pointed out is Internet is working on Internet Explorer only. So these are some common area in which users are getting Windows Phone Error Code 800704CF. We already have done some research and finally came up with the solution on “How to Fix Error Code 800704CF in Windows Phone”.

There are couple of ways to fix error code 800704CF in Windows Phone. We have listed them below kindly go through them and let us know whether error is resolved or not.

Fix Error Code 800704CF In Windows Phone

Manually Sync Microsoft Account

  • Go to Settings >> Email + Account >> Long Press on Microsoft Account
  • Now select Synchronize

Now check are you still getting the same error code 800704CF. Hopefully you won’t!

Change Date and Time

  • Go to Settings >> Date + Time >> Turn off Set Automatically
  • Enter the correct Date and Time manually

Now re-try to connect to Microsoft Store App and observe the issue is still there.

Soft Reset

Soft reset is very easy to perform and it won’t affect your data or anything. This is by far one of the best solutions to fix error code 800704CF in Windows phone.

  • First of all show down all the applications and processes
  • Press and hold Volume Down + Power button for 10-15 seconds
  • After this phone will automatically switch off and restart which will perform a soft reset

Reset Your Device

This is the last solutions to fix error code 800704CF in Windows Phone but hopefully this situation will not arise. One of the previous steps will surely help you in order to fix error code 800704CF in Windows Phone. Before resetting your Windows Phone we would highly recommend to take backup of your device.

  • Go to Settings >> About >> Reset your Phone
  • You will get 2 warnings just read them and press Yes if you are satisfied with them
  • Now you have successfully reset your phone

These are some solutions to Fix Error Code 800704CF in Windows Phone. We are quite sure that one of the above methods will work for you. In case you are getting stuck somewhere feel free to reach us via comments.