Common Problems In Android Phone – Fixed (Memory Card Recovery)

Android Phone is the latest innovation in smartphones that runs Android OS. You can not only make calls and send messages, but you can play games and watch movies as well. Most of the Android phones do have internal memory for data storage, but it also supports memory card which acts as an external storage media. Thereby data stored on an Android phone may get stored right at the internal memory of your android or memory card inserted in it.

To be honest maximum time android phone works in a normal manner and brings about a lot of convenience, but at times it also runs into trouble. You might face quite a few problems on Android phone which are as follows:

  • There is not enough storage available on Android Phone
  • Errors relating to installation and updates on Android Phone
  • If apps are not working on Android
  • If android reports are not formatted
  • Phones at times are not able to read micro SD Card
  • Android phone reboots or gets turned off suddenly

You must have faced insufficient storage in Android phone for the following reason:

  • There is not enough space in the memory of android phone

The android phone off late usually has 16GB, 34GB and even 64GB capacity of internal memory and this is for data storage. Thereby lots of individuals are not in favor of inserting a data card. With time, the internal memory gets full and there is not much space available in the internal memory

  • The memory card for an android phone does not have enough free space

If a memory card is inserted for data storage on Android phone the phone will not able to take any more data. Automatically the data you require will not get stored.

  • There is often a virus problem with android phones

It does not matter if you are storing data in internal memory of android phone or a memory card. All you will get is an error message if the phone or card gets attacked by the virus.

Solution to Fix – Common Problems In Android Phone

Installation error that we face for update of Android phone

This sort of error on an android phone occurs as you attempt to install an application update on the phone. This error message usually crops up and shows things cannot be installed on storage media. As you receive an error message you can check the network which still works well.

Just check if the network is still working or not, besides, if you are getting this error message then storage media for installation of the update is full.

The apps also stops working on Android Phone

You can go ahead and install quite a few applications on your phone, but at times stops functioning on the phone. This is indeed a daunting task. You can refer to, unfortunately, “app has stopped error on android” to go ahead and learn how to fix the problem.

Android phone reports that there is no such formatted error

When memory card gets corrupted due to virus and other issues, you need to format the memory card. How can format it? It is very easy. All you can do is just use memory card recovery software and the task will do for you. Before formatting just extract all unwanted files from the card well in advancement by using memory card recovery software as awe have already discussed.

What if an android phone cannot read Micro SD card

If Android phones cannot use a micro SD card you can turn off your phone and then remove the card. All you can do now is remove the micro SD into another phone if it is possible and see if it can work in a normal manner. If it is completely unreadable right on the device you can again reinsert it on the android phone. Now you can format it again by clicking settings and then on storage and finally on to Format SD card and then you need to click on the option of Select format SD card again.

Conclusion for Common Problems In Android Phone

In conclusion, it can be said if you find that any data has been lost due to a similar reason you can make use of data recovery software to recover the files.