Black Clover Phantom Knights: How to do Reroll ? | Guide

Black Clover Phantom Knights is brand new Gacha MMO RPG game. In this guide, you will get all about the rerolling process for Black Clover Phantom Knights.

Rerolling Guide on IOS Players

For iOS users such as iPhone (iPhone), the data will not be lost even if the app is uninstalled and reinstalled.

Therefore, Reroll is basically not possible, but reroll is possible by using two terminals.

If you do not want to go out with the character you are looking for, you can start a new game by transferring data to another terminal.

What to do with a terminal that does Reroll!

Set a password to take over the data. Anything can be used as the password is basically a discarded account.

You can go to the setting screen from Home screen> Menu> Other> Data transfer.

What to do on the second terminal

Install Black Clover and tap “Data Transfer” on the title screen.

Enter the user ID and password from the input screen displayed after that and the takeover is completed. The lismara terminal can now do lismara as it can be started with a new user.

The process to reroll in Black Clover Phantom Knights

Here is the step to reroll in Black Clover Phantom Knights. Follow the below steps.

  • Install the game and download the necessary extra game data.
  • Do Advance the tutorial.
  • You can redraws up to 99 times by drawing 5 characters with redrawing gacha.
  • Receive Black Jewel from Present Box.
  • Turn the step-up gacha and if the desired character does not appear, go to 1.

Keep in mind that Android users can re-serum without uninstalling by deleting the application data.

Chances of Best Gacha

  • 5 Star: 25% chances
  • 4 Star: 25% chances
  • 4 Star: 50% chances

Best Reroll Gacha Character

Here are best characters at beginning of game.

  • Mimosa: Healer -Healing for all allies and single HP recovery- Best of all healer characters.
  • Jack: Attacker, Wide range of secrets, Increases own attack power.
  • Mars: Defender – Can take over all damage- Adds regenerative effect to itself.
  • Rack: High firepower for attackers and single enemies.
  • Lotus: High firepower for attackers and single enemies.