Black Clover Phantom Knights : Beginner Players Guide & Tips

If you are just in the new players in the Black Clover Phantom Knights then this guide on Black Clover Phantom Knights will very usefully. Here, all the things that you have need to do at starting of the Black Clover Phantom Knights.

Black Clover Phantom Knights Guide & Tips

Go for Reroll & get the best character

Let’s do a Reroll first and secure characters and equipment that can be activated from the beginning.

Here is the step to reroll in Black Clover Phantom Knights. Follow the below steps.

  • Install the game and download the necessary extra game data.
  • Do Advance the tutorial.
  • You can redraws up to 99 times by drawing 5 characters with redrawing gacha.
  • Receive Black Jewel from Present Box.
  • Turn the step-up gacha and if the desired character does not appear, go to 1.

Complete all your daily missions

After completing the story to some extent, let’s clear the daily mission. You can only clear once a day, so don’t forget to complete and earn items.

Clear advance stories & get rewards

After the rerolling process is over, proceed to the main quest of the story. As the story progresses, content such as the magic store and the door to training will be released.

Focus on enhancing your characters

By selecting the character you want to develop from character enhancement and consuming “enhancement PT” and “enhancement material” on the Grimoire board, you can raise the level of the character.

The enhanced PT is linked to each character, and you can obtain enhanced points by performing “enhanced PT conversion”.

Try to evolving your characters

By strengthening the character to a certain extent and going to the evolution square of the Grimoire Board, you can evolve the character in exchange for fragments.

If you evolve the character, you can strengthen the target square and further improve the status, etc.

Equip and enhance magical tools

If the quest clears even after strengthening the character, equip and strengthen magical tools.

Complete the quests that can be obtained by magic tools and get magic tools. Equip your character on the knight’s formation screen.

Enhancing Your magic Tools

The level can be raised up to a maximum of lv5. To increase the level of a magic tool, you can use the same magic tool like the one you want to reinforce, as well as the reinforcement material and yule, to reinforce it.

The higher the rarity and the higher the level of the magical tool you want to reinforce, the harder it is to collect materials and the more yule will be consumed. At the same time, magical abilities at the highest level tend to be more effective at higher rarities.