Top 20 Best Websites to Download Cracked Apps Sites

Do you want to download premium apps for free? Are you tired of finding Websites for Cracked Apps? Then keep on reading! 

Many people have a desire to use premium apps but they can not afford to buy them. So the only option is to download cracked versions. There are many websites on the internet that offer this service but many of them are fake and often send viruses to your device. 

To fix this issue we have gathered the top websites to download cracked applications. These websites are trusted and 100% working. If you aren’t able to find your desired app on one of the given websites, don’t worry there are 20 of them! You can try finding it on other websites. These websites have cracked versions of almost every premium application on the internet. 

Now, Let’s jump to the list of top websites to download cracked apps.  

1. ApkWhale 
Apk Whale has variety of cracked applications that are hard to find anywhere else. That’s why we have Apk Whale on number 1. It has a nice interface and variety of mods. You can also make a request for an app or mod on the website. 
2. OnHax 
OnHax is also a great choice to download cracked applications. It has almost every android application. You can download game patches from OnHax. It is completely safe and also has a nice interface. The description of every application is also given. 
It is suggested that you use adblocker while using OnHax. 

3. Apk4Free 
Apk4Free is an ads-free websites and that is what makes it one of the best website to download cracked applications. It doesn’t have a misleading interface. The descriptions of both paid and free applications are straightforward and easy to find. 
4. Revdl 

Revdl is next on the list. The main thing that makes it unique is that it has almost every android app on the internet. Even the most recent applications can be found cracked on this website. It has a high downloading speed.  

It is suggested that you use a VPN to visit this website. 
5. iHackedit 
iHackedit is around for a while now and has a variety of cracked apps, games and modes. The thing that makes it unique is it has cracked applications for both Android and IOS.  

The interface of the iHackedit is simple and easy to use. So you should definitely try it even if you are an IOS user. 
6. AC Market 

AC Market is one of the best websites to download cracked applications and that’s why we have it on this list. The interface is very good and you can directly download any application with great ease. You should give it a try. 
7. Black Mart 
Black Mart is also a great website to download cracked and premium apps. Black Mark is available for both Android and IOS apps available. It has a massive games and apps library. You don’t have to register an account to download apps from Black Mart. It has a decent downloading speed and a nice interface. 

You can even download older versions of an app or game. 

8. Rexdl 
Rexdl is the next option that you should give a try. It has updated versions of almost every application. You can download android games and apps on this website for free. The interface of the website is also fine. You should try Rexdl to download cracked apps. 
9. ApkMB 
The next website is Apk MB. It is especially created to download Android games and apps for free. Most of the popular android apps are available on this website. It is easy to use and has a decent interface. 

10. Apk4fun 
Apk4Fun has tons of free Apk files for Android games and apps. It is completely virus-free and you can download Apk files without any hesitation from this website. It also has a high downloading speed. You can visit this website here
11. Apk Pure 
Apk Pure is also a good choice to download premium apps for free. It has a nice interface. A simple description of every application is also mentioned on the website. It is a safe website with the least spamming ads. 
It is secure from virus threats and you can also download older versions for an app. 
12. GetApk 
The next market place to download cracked apps is Get Apk. It has a variety of premium applications that you can download for free. The interface could have been better but the overall experience is fine. You can download different versions of an application according to your device specs. You should definitely use GetAPK for Android applications. 
13. Apk Combo 

ApkCombo is new in the market but it is still a great option to download cracked apps. It has a high downloading speed and a simple user interface. The descriptions of the apps along with the installation guide are given on the website. You can download Android apps and games easily from ApkCombo. 
14. Mod Mafia 
Mod Mafia is the best website to download moded apps and games. It has all of the latest mods. If you are looking for mods then Mod Mafia is the place to go. 
15. AndroPalace 
AndroPalace is also a great choice to download premium applications for free. The apps on this website are categorized neatly. You can directly download any app for free. It also gives you the option to request an app or feature. 
16. Apk Builds 
Apk Builds is next on the list. It has almost all of the popular apps and games but it is still limited. Chances are you will find apps and games of your choice on Apk Builds.  

Complete installation guide along with the screenshots are given on their website. 

17. Apk Beast 
Apk Beast is also around for a very long time and that’s why they have a very huge games and apps library. Both free and paid applications are available on this website. So you should try it. 
18. Techylist 
Techylist has a variety of Apk files and their mods. The interface of the website is very good and it also has a high downloading speed. The applications on this website are scanned for viruses and are 100% secure.  

Another highlighting thing is that it does not show a lot of annoying ads. The contents of Techylist are updated daily. You should try Techylist to download premium apps for free! 
19. Soft 112 
Soft 112 is not like other websites that are mentioned on this list. Here you can download apps that are developed and published by normal developers and companies. If you are a developer then you can also upload your app for trial on Soft 112. These apps are completely free and most of them are useful. 
20. Apk Monk 

ApkMonk is the last website on this list but not the least. It gives you a countless number of cracked applications. You will surely find application of your choice on ApkMonk. You can download both new and older versions of apps.  
To Put It All Together 

Many of you face difficulties while downloading cracked applications online. To fix this problem we have mentioned 20 websites along with their links that are trusted and 100% working. All of them are mentioned above. 

If you have any doubt you can clear it in the comments, we will reply you!