5 Best Free Adult Coloring Apps For Android

Coloring is one of the best memories of our childhood. But it is not restricted to a child. An adult can also do coloring. It brings out an individual’s creativity and relaxes his mind. It is like therapy for most of us.

There are many free adult coloring apps for android that you can download. With the help of these applications, you can use realistic colors and give drawings a realistic touch.

Whether you are an artist or a normal person, you can download these applications and have fun. In this blog, we have shared 10 adult coloring applications that will help you to bring out your inner creativity.

1. ColorFit


ColorFit is an amazing coloring application for adults. It is completely free. It has many different drawings and designs. These drawings have a modern look. You can color them with your favorite colors. It has a categorized menu with Animals and other drawings. You can share your coloring with other users as well.
It has a huge collection of 1000+ drawings that include animals, humans, and different kinds of objects and sceneries. You can select your favorite one and color it.

They have added many tools including pencils, brushes, and pastels and they add something new with every update.

Highlighting Features:

• 1000+ pages to color
• Different kinds of brushes, pencils, and pastels
• It is categorized which makes it easy to use
• You can share your work with other users

2. Colorfy


Colorfy is another great adult drawing application for android. It is a coloring book game where you can color pages and share them with the game community. You can also see other people coloring work. You can also follow someone if you like their work.
Other than coloring you can draw creative designs and then color them if you are an artist. It has a rating of 4.0 on PlayStore which is pretty solid for a coloring book game. This game is designed for both adults and kids.

It also allows you to edit your colored picture. There are many inbuilt effects that you can use. There are more than 1000 drawings available to color. On top of that, you can write messages with their editing tool and color them. You should check out Colorfy, it is completely free.

Highlighting Features:

• Allows you to draw and color pictures
• An artist community
• 1000+ drawing pictures
• Write messages on the editor and color them

3. Paint.ly


Paint.ly is an offline coloring game that helps you to relax and color using numbers. Different parts of an image are marked with numbers and you have to color them. The result, in the end, turns out beautifully and you can share them with your friends. It has an amazing rating of 4.3 on PlayStore.

Highlighting Features:

• Allows you to color with numbers that make it easier to color
• It has a great rating of 4.3 on PlayStore
• It had a huge collection of images to color

4. ColorMe


ColorMe is one of the best free adult coloring games for Android. It is completely free and has a rating of 4.3 on PlayStore. It gives you a variety of objects to color including animals, mandalas, and other objects.
It also has a variety of filters that enhances your coloring. You should check it out.

Highlighting Features:

• It has a rating of 4.3 on PlayStore
• Variety of objects to color
• Different filters to apply to the colored image

5. Color Therapy for Adults

Color Therapy for Adults
Color Therapy for Adults

Color Therapy for Adults is a free adult coloring app for android. It is specially made for adults and it has many modern designs to color. These designs are specially made for adults. It is overall a nice application and worth checking out.

Highlighting Features:

• Different designs for Adults
• You can save your work
• Works in offline mode


Coloring is an excellent way to relax and let your inner kid out. In this blog, we have discussed the 5 best free coloring apps for android that you should try. We have discussed their features briefly in the above section.