7 Things You Should Know About: Carrion

Carrion, is looking to change up the formula of sci-fi horror games. Why put yourself in a position of weakness and vulnerability by playing as some scientist in a lab, when you could instead put yourself in the shoes of a flying spaghetti monster?

Reverse Horror

Fortunately for you, you won’t be experiencing terror. Instead, you’ll be causing all the mayhem and terror in Carrion. Instead of being some random person in the facility with the goal of escaping the monster – you’ll be playing the monster instead.

Whatever this monster is (for now we’ll hazard a guess and call it Carrion) has only one goal – to infest and eat all the humans in this lab.

If there’s anymore story or deeper lore behind Carrion, we’ll have to wait for the full release of the game to find out. As far as we can tell – it’s your usual science experiment gone wrong. Scientists find you, take you back to the lab, and leads to some bloody carnage.

A monstrous puzzle

Despite all the diabolical powers and abilities you’ll be wielding as the Carrion, you’re not omnipotent. The humans are clever, seeking to destroy you and your infestation with flame throwers, guns, and bombs.

What you lack in technology and weapons, you make up in sinister, animal cunning. You’ll be learning to stick to the shadows – sneaking through vents and making stealthy skills. Or alternatively, you can simply just charge them head-on and kill them with lightning speed.

Either way, eliminating all humans will require tactics on your part.

The First Game of Phobia Studios

This game is the first from the Indie company called Phobia studios, and will be an important milestone for the studio. The first game of any studio can launch a studio’s career – or stop it to a grinding halt.

However, let us hope that Phobia studios manages to find commercial success with Carrion. According to a description on Indie DB, Phobia studios ” has the simple idea of bringing terror, fear, and anxiety to gamers”.

If Carrion becomes successful, hopefully we can see more unique Indie Horror games coming from Phobia studios.

Biomass Management

If there’s one thing interesting about this game – it’s biomass management. As the “Carrion”, you’ll be consuming the corpses of humans and other things around the facility. By doing so, you gain biomass and increase in size. In general – more biomass is a good thing – you’re much larger and more resilient to attacks.

However, throughout the game there will be opportunities to manage your biomass. For instance, despite your fluid meat spaghetti nature, too much biomass may make you too big to pass through air vents and other small crevices.

So throughout the game, you’re going to make crucial decisions on managing your biomass. Do you remove biomass to allow access to smaller crevices and other passsage ways at the expense of resilience? Or do you intake as much biomass as possible so you can destroy the humans with brute force?

Nasty Powers

The Carrion can bend light to sneak past its foes, or allow it to pounce from the darkness

Due to your fluid cellular structure, the carrion has a lot of mighty abilities at its disposal. Most notably, you traverse the word using tendrils – allowing you to creep around on ceilings, walls, etc. These tendrils are used for a lot more than moving around the environment, however. You’ll use your tendrils to throw objects in the environment around – breaking doors or the bones of any unfortunate bystander in the way.

As you explore the facility, you’ll be able to find large specimen vials. By breaking these open and assimilating its contents, you’ll be able to gain new abilities along the way.

From the powers we know so far, they’re absolutely devious. The first one allows the “Carrion” to shoot webs – allowing you to restrain prey for easy consumption, or take down enemy soldiers from a safe distance.

Another ability of the “Carrion” is an invisibility cloak. By absorbing electricity from power generators, the Carrion is able to turn invisible. You’ll be able to sneak up to pounce on your prey, or avoid heavily armed soldiers as you traverse the facility.

These are just the two abilities we got a glimpse of from the gameplay trailers – and there are likely more devilish abilities in the game. We’re just going to have to wait for the full release to play with all these fun abilities!

A love letter to “The Thing”

“The Thing” – Screen Capture from 1982 film

The concepts of biomass, an amorphous mass of writing tentacles and teeth, and skulking around in a facility all screams inspiration from the movie “The Thing”.

For those unaware, “The Thing” is a 1982 science ficiton horror film that likely served as the inspiration for Carrion. In the film, the scientists discover an alien creature with no definite form – able to consume and assimilate others. The horrifying part about “The Thing” is that it’s able to disguise itself to appear like anyone it assimilates – complete with memories and the personality.

Many elements of “The Thing” are present in the video game Carrion – with the exception of human disguises. Whether later down the game, the Carrion will gain the ability to disguise itself as human, remains to be seen.

A simple, bloody mess

Most horror video games present some twisted commentary on the world and humanity. For instance, the award-winning Silent Hill franchise presents us with the darker side of the human psyche. Video games present us with an opportunity to explore concepts and themes that can be difficult hard to do so in books and movies.

Well, Carrion throws all that out the window. From the trailers and gameplay, there seems to be no story whatsoever.

And as bad as that sounds, that may actually be a pro. Sometimes we’re just there to play games for fun. Sure – there’ll always be days we’d like to explore compelling plots and learn about our characters – but there are other days where’d like to mindlessly go about wrecking things.

The game Carrion satisfies just that – good old fashioned mindless murder and exploration. So if you’re looking for a “relaxing” experience – this might be it. Though I’m not sure if relaxing is the correct word for this game.