10+ Best Duplicate File Finder Tools for Windows to Delete Duplicate Files

Best Duplicate File Finder Tools for your Windows to find duplicate files from your system. We are sharing top 10 duplicate file finder software for you.

Every device these days has one problem or the other. No device is free of problems. While some have issues plagued with them right from the beginning, others develop the issues over time.

User issues are entirely a different story as they are usually influenced by the usage habits of the user. But because the human beings are inherently alike, there are some issues that are common to everyone.

One such issue that is common with almost every device is the presence of duplicate files in the system. Duplication of files basically means the presence of multiple copies of the same file is it photos or any word document.

Having duplicate files in the system is a problem not only because they clutter the system but also because they occupy a large amount of disk space. And getting rid of these duplicate files can be really cumbersome as the file structures can get really complex and that too in no time.

In this article, we will assist you with some duplicate file finders for Windows to sort your problem of having duplicate files.

Best Duplicate File Finder Tools

1. XYplorer

XYplorer is a highly capable, fully equipped, dual pane file manager for the Windows. It comes with a Dupes detection feature to find the duplicate files. This feature can be found under the software’s Find Files feature.

The reason behind the recommendation of XYplorer for removing duplicate files is that the way it approaches for the removal of duplicate files is very professional- listing them by File Name, Date of Modification, Size of file etc.

You can also find the duplicates according to their byte-by-byte comparison which although a slow process but is also a very accurate method to compare the duplicate files.

XYplorer is paid software and it costs $39.95 for single user license. Free trial of this software is also available.

2. Easy Duplicate Finder

Easy Duplicate Finder is software that helps in quickly removing duplicate files from different sources such a duplicate tracks from Windows Media Player, Google Drive, and Dropbox apart from their conventional folders.

It is famous for its single-click operation. It provides a number of scanning modes and compares files according to their names, size, and content. It also has a wizard mode that helps you to manage the type of clean up as well.

It is also paid software that costs $39.95 for single user license. It works with Windows 10 as well as Mac systems.

3. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

This is free software and provides a clean and easy to use interface to manage and remove your duplicate files. You can also define the search parameters in it such as according to file type and file size, file name, date of creation etc.

The file contained in this software is matched according to MD5 checksum approach and byte by byte comparison of files is not available in it.

4. Duplicate Files Finder

It is an open source software and had an extremely updated user interface for the removal of duplicate files present in the system. It provides byte by byte comparison of duplicate files which are not easily available in any other open source software that works in cross platform. Duplicate Files Finder works for both Windows and Linux systems.

It can search the files according to file type, wildcard extensions and can also search the hidden and empty files.

5. Duplicate File Detective

This is a paid utility software that offers a variety of features with it. It not only does find and remove the duplicate files but it can also scan network drivers, remove and replace duplicate files that have symbolic links to the originals and provide a report on detected files stating the owners of those duplicate files.

Reports can also be exported and scheduled for emailing automatically. The user interface is similar to that of MS Office products so that you will not feel any inconvenience in using it.

Though it is expensive in its category costing $55 for single user license its features overcomes this disadvantage. 15-day free trial is also available for this software.

6. CloneSpy

This is a free utility software but works with an old interface. The advantage of this software is that it has same features as many paid ones and also offers byte by byte file comparison. It can also locate the files that are present in the local hard drive as well as in network drives.

It can also find the files that are not exact duplicates of each other such as the files with the same name but slightly different contents. It generates a report of the files with every scan.

7. Doppelganger

It is a paid software that provides a neat and easy to use interface for searching and removing the duplicate files from the system.

Along with the usual features that are offered by any other duplicate file removing software, it provides good results in finding files from external drives and storage medias such as SD cards, MP3 players etc.

It provides advanced clean up features such as keeping the newest files and ignoring the files in the Windows installation folders, hidden files etc. Scanning of files can be done according to file features as well as the checksum MD5 protocol.

It comes with a free trial version and the full version of the software costs around $15.

8. Duplicate Searcher

Though this software has by far the most number of features available since it is less user-friendly so it is not much appreciated by the users. It has a number of unique features and also provides the detection of NTFS hard links.

It gives a detailed listing of all the duplicate files found on the system, provides the option for file compression, fragmentation of duplicate files and folders etc. While comparing the MP3 files, it does not compare using the ID3 tag but instead, it searches according to the actual audio content.

9. CCleaner

CCleaner of the Piriform company needs no introduction as it is already very famous among the users for its multi-purpose utility. This software is not just dedicated to the removal of duplicate files so the features of duplicate file finder are limited in it.

You can manage the files according to name, size, content etc. You can also compare the file byte by byte. It also provides the option to include as well as exclude specific files from the search scan.

10. SearchMyFiles

This software consists of many file search options that help you to easily search the duplicate files from the system. This is a free software offered by Nirsoft and can scan the files according to their file name, size, type, content, location etc.

It also provides a summary of the search. One disadvantage of this software is that it just finds the duplicate files and does not remove them.

So you have to remove the duplicate files from their specific location manually. But one advantage is that it offers byte by byte comparison which results in accurate searching of the files.

11. Duplicate Files Fixer

Duplicate Files Fixer is very simple tool for Windows to remove duplicate files easily. It has a greate user experience and clear interface. The software search the duplicate document files, automatically mark them and delete them from your storage. You can check all the deleted file easily. You need to be careful that the software did not delete the wrong file.The software allow user to fild duplicate files from their name and location from PC. Duplicate Files Fixer software is available at free cost and the software compelitable with all the Windows version.